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Power of Attorney Lawyer Baxter County, AR

There comes a time when people can no longer make all the decisions they once did. This could be due to age, incapacitation, or a range of other factors. You may find yourself searching for a “power of attorney lawyer near me” when this happens. Thankfully, Mountain View Law offers power of attorney services in Baxter County, AR. Attorney Tony Thurman is an experienced power of attorney lawyer. This is due to his twenty years of experience practicing law locally. Additionally, he can help you with issues of medical power of attorney. Attorney Thurman is committed to helping families out of difficult situations. This is why he provides high-quality power of attorney lawyer services to all of his clients. Turn to him when you need to help your family member make decisions in their own best interest. Mountain View Law is located in Mountain View, AR and serves other local communities, like:

  • Ash Flat, AR
  • Cave City, AR
  • Horseshoe Bend, AR
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Becoming less independent is difficult for people. This is why a power of attorney lawyer becomes necessary. People don’t always have the faculties to make decisions in their own best interests. This can be due to age or a number of other factors. Additionally, this can be due to medical issues or accidents. However, someone must be appointed as an attorney when this happens. Power of attorney grants someone, usually a close relative or significant other, the ability to make decisions for someone when they are unable to do so. When this happens, you’ll need an experienced power of attorney lawyer. Attorney Tony Thurman is ready to provide power of attorney services in Baxter County, AR. You can get in touch today for a free estimate.



Power of Attorney Services

There is a lot to deal with when a person is incapacitated. There are plenty of medical considerations to make. However, it is also important to determine who has the power to make these decisions. This is where you may start looking for a “power of attorney lawyer near me.” Medical power of attorney allows you to make medical decisions for someone who is no longer able to do so. Contacting a power of attorney lawyer is your first step in this process. Mountain View Law is ready to help if you’re located near Baxter County, AR. Attorney Tony Thurman offers expert power of attorney services. Get in touch today for your free estimate.

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Power of Attorney Lawyer Near Me

There are many reasons you could be searching for a “power of attorney lawyer near me.” People sometimes seek this when taking a long vacation. Clients will hire a power of attorney lawyer when they need someone to conduct business on their behalf. For example, you may need help if you’re looking to sell your home, but will be out of the country for several months. During this time, power of attorney services can grant someone the authority to make decisions regarding this sale on your behalf. This help can make a world of difference for you. Contact Mountain View Law if you’re in need of a power of attorney lawyer. Attorney Thurman is ready to get started working for you.


Medical Power Of Attorney

There are many circumstances that could have you looking for medical power of attorney. Some people become unconscious or incapacitated. When this happens, they can no longer make important decisions for themselves. You should look for a power of attorney lawyer as soon as something like this happens. Your lawyer can then help grant you power of attorney. From here, you’ll be able to make important decisions in the best interests of the incapacitated person. You should call Mountain View Law if you’re interested in these services. Attorney Tony Thurman has been practicing law locally for over twenty years. Because of this, you can expect to receive courteous and sensitive service from your power of attorney lawyer.

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